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1.) go to  then choose the lower option “log in with username and password”

3.) Find ‘Products’ from the options on the left-hand side.

4.) Select ‘All Products’ from the dropdown menu.

5.) Find a similar track to the one you are adding and hover of the options. Click ‘duplicate’ and wait a few seconds for it to process. It will put you into the product editing window.

6.) Change the title to your new track then click the blue ‘publish’ button on the right-hand side.

7.) Scroll down to “Product Data” and make sure “Inventory” is selected on left hand side menu.

Update SKU with a fresh number (format: zm****) you can check the current number by looking at the “All Products” table.

8.) Select “Attributes” on left hand side.

Update BPM & Artist (use surname). Details of the track can be found at

NB: There’s no need to change license attribute

9.) Select “Variations” on left hand side.

Click on “2 variations (expand / close)”

Select the downloadable files – these are the WAV files (not MP3s) with the name of the track plus any alternative versions (again WAVs not MP3s). In the track name box just put the name of the file.

Add SKUs – use the SKU that you first created then add s for the standard license and p for the premium license. (e.g. zm****s or zm****p).

Add prices –$29 (standard) and $190 (premium)

10.) Add suitable product image (right hand side) – make sure the picture has SQUARE dimensions. (300×300)

11.) Add description to “Product Description” section – (you might find one on

12.) If there are alternative versions of the track you can use “Add Media” option to add the MP3s – also add the track name BELOW track (look at “MI6” short product description as an example)

13.) Select “Advanced” tab on left-hand side. Add the track MP3 to the Preview Files and change the track name accordingly.

14.) Add product tags (right-hand side); put a comma in between each tag. You can get ideas from the existing tags list too. Add categories or use existing ones (right-hand side).

15.) Click the blue “update” button. Click “preview” to see the product. Click “music store” to check it in the product shop.

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