A Long Reign With No End


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A long reign with no end
I’ve lived a life and wondered where i am from
And the clues that I’ve found they don’t help at all
I’ve wandered into the truth and unlocked an inner door
That can realise when somebody is lying
I might not always get it right and get it wrong
With decisions I make and paths i walk down
But what will be won’t always be that wrong for me
I’ll lift myself and keep it moving on
With a smile on my face that can’t be broken
While another day is gonna be along for me to reign
With no end
Upload the feeling when loving’s good
Download the love you will be giving

I hear my heart and soul say trust in them
And Deep down I know that I can have anything
My hands can’t contain this light
No offence but I’m rolling and now it’s calling
I’d rather be alive and be well known
to reign with no end
Fill in I have to fill in for the times I should’ve been there
And be there with a new found philosophy
Somebody wrote that better than winning
For the side you keep letting down
Is tripping them over with an ever revealing grin
A channelling guidance
Is passed through in music
And in from this art form
I work for the sound
And I want you to hear the same
I’m finally chasing dreams that are coming true
And They’re far cooler than I could’ve imagined them
Oh …when I’m free I will be gone
Having fun at believing in bigger thinking
And I’ll be living right to live a long long reign
With no end
Chorus x 4

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