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Free living to entertain
I nearly got lost again
Then you came rolling in
Now I’ll be doing the same
How can it look that way?
Say something to make u stay
It’s probably be all in vane
Unless we turn it around come on
Greg let’s start it again
Rocking the neutron sign
Greg don’t let it end
Roll till the end of time
Peace everyone’s heard its name
Seeing through your 3rd eye
I’ll be here ready to play
Hiding in the shame
Running out into the rain
Lighting up the day
Leaving you in dismay
Unless we turn it around come on
(Bridge) if you
Don’t get it now x3
Hand it all over and leave
Life the feelings of yesterday
The rules that we still obey
I’m guessing we have to tame
Together we all can win
It’s more than that I gave
In a world that we can’t save
Yea the world we can’t save
Unless we turn it around come on
Chorus x2

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