Start The Show


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Start the show
Dam you keep me waiting too long
It hurts my pride
Is this really where I belong
Or in another fight
Stressing where did you get it from
It’s your turn to drive
Watch out for the low life and scum
They’ll hit you twice

Calm down you’ll rupture your spleen
You’re a freak in the morning
While Trying to keep that bad language clean
Monkey house on call…
Your driving like a broken machine
Squash my nuts on the floor
One too many injected vaccines Till your cross eyed
Silicon Plastic fills the space where your brain was
Absorbing microwaves that come from your phone
And Learning all the longest words from that dictionary
Is helping to make you sound now even more stupid

Tell me when you wanna get off
It’s uphill and climbing
Bout time because you made me feel rough
Ran out in style
Is it now your realising it’s tough
Creating the shrine
And I’ll be thinking yea but I’ve had enough until I fall down

You’re talking now as if you’re sedated
Meanwhile everything you do is so lame
That theory’s overdone and it is so funny
You know you’re not as cool as you claim

When I’m ready I’m gonna let you know
And Light up a billion stars and start the show
I’m getting ready to let you know
How to join the billion stars and start the show

You think you’re cooler putting on this great display
All together exposing your disguise
It doesn’t matter
How it’s figured and resolved all we get is more time to fool around

That’s why you’re down and can never get up
It’s out of spite
I’ll be quiet so that you tell us more
Oh how you try
Where did your liberty go
With another sigh
You got off while your boats sailing on
That’s karma
You try and put it off by delaying it
But it comes crawling in again through the mist
You listening only to the desperate people where the nominated knows how it’s played
Chorus x

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