The Next Sublime


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The Next Sublime

Can u explain what happens when u die? It’s something I want to know.
This life I lived I’ve loved and I’m working until I’m spiritually grown
I understand u telepathically explaining the universe
so how can i rid this earth of sorrow? Give me a plan that works

I’m in..and beside you there designing this paradigm
Doing it to find some way of building the next sublime

Communicating with u deeply now I see that I’m not alone
Dmt Dimethyltryptamine guiding me further down
Oh it feels like I’m in the soul Dimension the place where I came from
Etheric world where love begins everyone’s real home
Until then I won’t look and I won’t hide revealing what’s inside come on

This feeling of meaning holds forever so o pen another Door
I’m here in the space it all began and I wanna learn more
I have to remember this conversation cuz its fading and I must go
I’m losing the vision and soon be thinking have I even been there at all
Chorus x2

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