Thief In The Night


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Thief in the night
Left with the standing vision I can write
Didn’t do the lesson on mundane party life
One can live entertained or live in the lie
Walking lost at the weekend I came looking
For some all-day wonder
Round you waking without breaking
If were doing the same as hiding round?
Another moment lived in
Every time we put this ruin together
I come along like a thief in the night
I get lost and really don’t mean to be wrong
But then I come along like a thief in the night, thief in the night

Staring at the place where we walked and wed would be here for days
Had a bit of a rush on the way then I gave up
And u’d whisper the warning now sit down
not doing no harm getting rid of all those
Losers that keep on watching and waiting
Doubling rising I aint faking
Throwing in low I am hoping and did enough
Another moment lived in
Chorus ..Guitar
From the minute you christened the morning foggy light
And gave me a nudge and the new day come shining in bright
I believe everyone can renew this time
In a new evolution calmly moving on from a long combination
Dancing in lucid altered dreaming
Taken in and out of the moment I hardly stand
Another moment lived in… Chorus x2

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